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Visitors to this website, which is owned and operated by AGI Limited, are invited to become members of the Lyndoe Discount Office Products Mailing List.

Our Mailing List is used solely to inform members of new developments in respect of the content of the Lyndoe Discount Office Products website, Special Offers and the like and to this end no information other than the email addresses of the List's members is retained in any location either on the AGI server or elsewhere.

AGI Limited undertakes to maintain and preserve the privacy of members of the Lyndoe Discount Office Products Mailing List by not giving, selling or passing in any way whatsoever any information provided by members to any party outside of AGI Limited. Any member may also unsubscribe and have their email address removed from the List either by visiting the Lyndoe Discount Office Products website and selecting the Unsubscribe button or by sending an EMAIL with the subject 'Unsubscribe' to the website administrator.

AGI Limited strives always to maintain its reputation and position as an ethical member of the web community. If at any time you think we have fallen short of the high standards we set ourselves please let us know by EMAILING US or by using our CONTACT FORM.

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